Alireza Ahmadi

Mobile Robotics & Electrocnics Engineer

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Rededge-tool v3252

I am Alireza Ahmadi

I am a Robotics researcher at the University of Bonn. I love Robotics because it makes me capable to implement my ideas and emerge my imaginations to the real world. I am not a guy who is strictly theoretician and I follow my personality which is more prone to technical and practical subjects, nevertheless, science enjoys me far more than anything. I have no fear of working days and nights on a project perpetually to completely done.  As I love designing I am always grateful for being talented in pencil drawing which helps me to express easier my thoughts and imaginations to others. As an ENFJ-T being passionate and inspired is one of my characteristics. I have seen the magic of hope and imagination hundreds of times, so you will see me always trying to achieve my goals even they are too ambitious or nonlogical. 

Electronics became interesting for me at the age of 7 when I was breaking through any electrical machine to find beating heart (but as you might guess, never could find anything inside except different cylinders and circular dynamites with wired codes and colors). Then at high-school by getting familiar with simple electrical components (dynamites.. :D) in our introductory lab of Electronics I got interested in Robotics. Thereafter, I participate in many competitions and got some worthwhile prizes like international WorldSkills competitions Gold and Silver medals.

It's my pleasure to help anyone interested in Robotics and my projects, so don't hesitate to contact me.